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About Lumac Sledding

    "Most likely the best hooks that you can get                                      for your money"
So you have reached Lumac Sleddings website and we feel that some history is also good to know. I (Indrek) started  Lumac in Swedish Lapland, where developed a need for seriously modified brake teeth for big tourist sleds. So in February 2017 , the first brake teeth prototypes were made for testing. The tester was of course Marion, my girlfriend. As we were working as sled dog guides it was very easy for us to test our prototypes. As CAD drawing was my previous occupation i kind of can draw what ever i need. I have always been interested in snow hooks and that was the next logical step. I drew some hooks and made them. That turned out a success. Of course a lot of friends who are professional dog drivers help in the process of refining the products.  We moved to France and continue to produce some of the most innovative and best performing equipment for dog sledding.
Big thanks to :
Jan Slozar
Kent Hugosson
Taisto Thorneus
Lenka Slozar
Kenth Fjellborg
Peter and Pavol Gonda
Sa My - Impossible to remember full name
Montana from FSK
Jonas Berg from FSK
Espen Hamnvik
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